Video posted, iOSApps and other updates

Video posted, iOSApps and other updates

Been busy working behind the scenes on things here at the IoD project. Sure to have some big news very soon, but in the mean time, a few other noteworthy updates.

First, The video of the IoD talk from Hackfest 2016 is now online here on youtube. Slides are available online here

Second, Links to iOS versions of various apps have been added to our Dong list. Still not up on reverse engineering and testing iOS apps, but if anyone wants to start, there they are.

Third, A few new devices and apps have been added to the Dong list as well. There are more and more entering the market each day. It's getting pretty amazing as well as daunting to keep up with.

Fourth, Murdoch Monkey is joining the IoD team as official "Crash Test Monkey". He'll hopefully be able to investigate and demonstrate some of the more humorous aspects of the research that the IoD project (yes, he is a stuffed blue monkey).

A few more updates are coming but require their own post because they are so amazing