Join us Feb 6th - Consent Dojo

Join us Feb 6th - Consent Dojo

"Pleasures + Precautions of Digital Intimacy: Internet of Dongs"

Nicole Schwartz + Brad Haines

Tuesday, February 6 @ 5pm PST

Midori is joined by Nicole Schwartz & Brad Haines from The Internet Of Dongs Project to discuss how internet connected adult devices are changing the conversation around consent.

What is Consent Dojo?

Consent Dojo is an ongoing project created by Midori where she sits down with a special guest to discuss different aspects of consent, how communication can affect and enhance our relationships, and how consent transcends the interpersonal world and builds more resilient communities and organizations.

These conversations air live online and are free to the community to attend, ask questions, and rewatch online after. We encourage people to share these videos on social media or with their loved ones to keep the conversation going. However, we do request that you contact us prior to using any portion of these videos for public viewings or paid events.