First Big Sponsor - Pornhub!

First Big Sponsor - Pornhub!

As was announced at Hackfest, Pornhub [NSFW] has been a supporter from the very early days and recognized the importance to consumers security and privacy that this project has. They wonderfully stated it as "We’re very pleased to be supporting Render with this project. Here at Pornhub [NSFW] we work hard to keep our site and users safe and are excited to see others in the community also working towards strengthening security and privacy at the intersection of sex and tech."

It took a few months to figure out how they could support us in our, arguably, unusual mission, but I'm pleased to announce that we've found a way and it's pretty awesome.

Pornhub [NSFW] has very generously provided funding to the IoD project to purchase devices from vendors to test and report on. This will allow us to quite literally get one of everything from our Dong Wish List. We will now have a library of devices to test against and also on hand to verify other researchers findings if needed. This is a hugely important resource to have and will allow the project to achieve it's goals quickly. Now we can focus on raising the bar of security for the IoD industry and holding vendors who ignore the security and privacy of their customers accountable for their choice.

This sponsorship from Pornhub [NSFW] comes with very few requirements that were more than fair. Prominent placement as a supporter of the project on the site was one, which you can see in our banner images. As well they have requested some articles for their blog on the subject of IoD security and privacy, something we would have done anyways regardless of this funding.

What literally began as a random, drunken thought has turned into a sizeable confirmation that this is a worthwhile project and provided the infrastructure that will hopefully allow everyone to enjoy these products without worrying about their personal security or privacy being at risk.

So remember, when you masturbate or use an IoD device with your partner, think of Pornhub [NSFW] and the Internet of Dongs project.....

....Wait, that sounded better in my head.....