Yes, We are hacking sex toys

Yes, We are hacking sex toys

Don't worry, the giggling will stop shortly.

The Internet of Things (IoT) is a term to describe network enabled, embedded devices. Often these devices had previously never had connectivity and their various industries are adding it for various reasons. Sometimes these reasons are sane and reasonable. Other times, their reasons are dumb as toast.

There is one particular industry that has caught the attention of a number of security researchers due to its personal, private, and intimate nature; Sex toys.

The Internet of Dongs project (IoD) is a clearinghouse for researchers to share their research with each other, for vendors and manufacturers to connect with researchers, and for the public to know what the security and privacy implications of their sex toys really are.

For now, we have acquired a number of devices and are testing them and hope to have results soon. We will also be reaching out to vendors to establish relationships with them for responsible disclosure of vulnerabilities and privacy issues.

If you think you can help, be it as a researcher, or providing devices for testing, please contact