So, just as I'm getting on a plane for a digital detox weekend, VICE media decided to post an article based on an interview I did with author Mark Hay back in July, 3-1/2 months ago.  I've not done much in that time sadly, so the info in the interview is still relevant.

I'm very happy with the article, except their choice of screencaps of me for the article.  (I really need to get new headshots done). It's my fault for not having better pics to provide, but they otherwise did a good job on capturing the seriousness of the project.

Previously, I was quoted in an article on also by Mark Hay about the potential for unscrupulous vendors and third parties to monetize data collected from IoD apps and devices.

Finally, within hours of the CockCam posting the android app for their device, I had it torn apart and found some interesting things that I figured I should alert them to. Still waiting to receive the device to give it a full teardown, but so far the vendor has been quite responsive and open to suggestions.  Always nice to see companies being open to outside views and responsive to suggestions on how to make their products safer, private and secure.  I'll post more about the CockCam once I get the hardware and have a chance to tear it down.