It's Been A While....

And we're still here and good things have been happening...

Just wanted to post an update to anyone visiting.  Given *gestures broadly at everything* whats happening in the world the last couple years, attention has been elsewhere.  Day jobs, families, and suddenly finding a need for home renovations has kept things busy and not as focused on sex toy security as one would have hoped.  Arguably the industry is way better now than when the project started and most vendors have really stepped up their attention to security.  New vendors and some others with no incentive to up their game are still a problem.  The word is out there and companies are learning quickly that when it comes to adult intimate devices, you won't do well in the market unless you take security and privacy seriously.

To that end, I recently became aware that Lovense has a new site up for cam models. has a bunch of information for new performers to teach them what they need to know to get into the industry and there's likely some tips and tricks for established performers as well.

For obvious reasons, it's partially a bit of marketing due to the fact they sell devices for models that integrate with their cam shows, but still, it's a resource I was pleased to find.

Of particular interest, they have a course on safety and security:

While it was a bit high level and lacked actionable details, the information was good to see included. It could be more useful as a jumping off point to other resources, such as the one we posted last year:

We've reached out to them and hopefully we can get some more security and safety advice and guidance for the cam model community to keep everyone safe.

If you're interested in contributing ideas and advice, feel free to reach out