Happy Teledildonics Freedom Day (also, we're not dead)

Happy Teledildonics Freedom Day (also, we're not dead)

Happy Teledildonics Freedom Day (August 17th, 2018), the day when U.S Patent 6,368,268, the so called "TeleDildonics Patent" that covered the general concept of technologically enabled, long distance sexual stimulation has finally expired.

What does this mean to everyone?  No more patent trolls suing everyone under the sun for the idea of "reach out and touch someone" which means a lot of new and innovative products and technology will be hitting the market very soon.  This means more options for the consumer, but also more new vendors with the chance to screw up security and privacy, badly.

The last 6 months or so, my (RenderMan's) attention has been on life stuff, but also dealing with a very large amount of vulnerabilities I found in critical infrastructure (don't ask, I can't tell) that you'll be very thankful I found and helped fix.

In that time, the site stagnated and the Ghost Blog CMS we use went through some revisions and started into dependency hell.  It was easier to just rebuild the webserver with the latest version of Ghost. Problem is, this meant that the themes weren't directly importable, directory structure changed, and so it wasn't a simple export/import.  The content is moved for now, but expect a few 404 links to pop up here and there.  Those will be fixed in the coming days as time permits.

Anyways, there's some good things coming. New articles and new research will be presented as well.

So until then, enjoy your new found freedom to reach out and make someones day without fear of violating patent law