The internet has permeated all aspects of our lives. Many manufacturers are adding internet connectivity without understanding or considering the implications of doing so. The latest generation of internet connected sex toys are no different.

Our goals are simple. People should be able to enjoy their sex toys however they want without worrying about security, privacy or safety. In an ideal world, you could trust manufacturers to have the security, privacy, and safety of their customers as their top priority. However, as with many Internet of Things vendors, they either don't know, don't understand or just don't care about these issues. We want to change that. By examining these devices, associated apps and infrastructure we hope to work with those manufacturers who want to understand how to secure their devices to do so, and those who do not, we want the public to know the risks of using those devices.

We are a group of researchers who want to ensure that people can enjoy these devices without any worry or concerns about security, privacy or safety. We follow the ideals of our Code Of Conduct and want to work with manufacturers to ensure that their devices are as secure and private as one would expect such devices to be.

We make no judgements about the users or uses of these devices. We are equal opportunity in our researcher, meaning we look at toys for Women, Men, and sometimes both. We also look at related devices like Kegel trainers due to their intimate use and ability to send data to the internet.

We are not providing ratings or recommendations on any products. We are not about indicating one vendors devices are more secure than another. We may laud positive accomplishments and active participation by vendors to increase security, but none should be taken as an explicit recommendation of one over another.

Similarly, just because several vulnerabilities have been found and Dong Vulnerability Exposure Reports created, it does not mean that a vendor is insecure. Quite the opposite. It means they are adhering to their commitments to security and are dealing with reported problems quickly to ensure the best security and privacy possible. No assumptions should be made about any vendors or devices that are not listed. We may just not have gotten our hands on a sample device yet, or examined it yet in depth. Likewise, a reporting channel established and we are working to establish one to report any problems we've found.