New Toys

Thanks to the sponsorship of PornHub [NSFW], we've got our first new batch of toys for testing and more on the way. We now have a »

At least 2 more years

This project has been moving faster and succeeding more than I had ever expected. Its almost like I know what I'm doing (a scary thought). Though »

First Big Sponsor - Pornhub!

As was announced at Hackfest, Pornhub [NSFW] has been a supporter from the very early days and recognized the importance to consumers security and privacy that »

We-Vibe Lawsuit and the IoD

The idea for the IoD project started long ago, but it was created with the same concerns that the recent We-Vibe Lawsuit suddenly brought to the »

First Vulnerability Reports!

It was kind of an open secret that the first vulnerabilities set in were for our first vendor partner Lovense since doing so was helping to »